Thursday, March 15, 2012

The Beetle Bug Graveyard North of I.X.L., Oklahoma

A few miles north of the oddly named town of I.X.L. (pop. 52) on Oklahoma Highway 48, in Okfuskee County, there is a pasture full of cow patties—nothing unusual in rural Oklahoma. This is no ordinary pasture, though. It is populated by the hulls of hundreds of old, parted-out VW Beetlebugs.
I call it the "Beetle Bug Graveyard."
Nick Allen is the owner of the auto shop next to the pasture. He was kind enough to let me roam among the rows of hundreds of old Bugs. He said he used to fix and make dune buggies out of them.
Since old model VW Bugs are far and few between, Allen works on a wide variety of makes and models these days.
My daughters like to play the game called "Beetle Bug". Anytime a Beetle Bug is spotted the first to punch the other’s arm, while shouting “beetlebug!” wins. Can you imagine the pain and bruises inflicted on the unwitting while passing the Beetle Bug Graveyard?


  1. If Herbie could be a zombie you would be in some serious trouble. Its a wonder some collector has not come and bought those old bugs outright.

  2. Or some creatively inclined soul who would make some massive art installation out of them, like the Caddies out by Amarillo.

  3. it has been many many moons been now i guess some 40 years plus ... but this is owned by a friends, uncle i think ... i to remember we use to hunt and fish near by and use to walk from one pond to the other ... going by the bugs... brings back many memory's . tks for the post ...